our solution

Our Solution

Eliminate the need for government and military personnel to manually feed a secure fax machine with an outgoing classified file or otherwise deal with the disposal of paper copies of files. Enables the transmission of any file, not just documents.

The Preston Abbey PA-CFT paperless product, and optional PA-LFR and PA-SAA solutions are designed to be compatible with the Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) devices as well as legacy machines with asynchronous secure data capabilities, ensuring protected faxes for private businesses, government agencies, and DOD operations.

plug and play

Plug n' Play

Requiring minimum engineering changes or network alterations — Preston Abbey solutions provide a clear path towards the latest fully featured file handling. Preston Abbey solutions enable users of legacy equipment to migrate easily and effectively to modern, inexpensive paperless solutions.

fast and effective

Fast & Effective

Speed is mandatory and is provided by mature platforms through which the robust Preston Abbey solutions provide file handling.

richer functionality, simpler implementation

Richer Functionality, Simpler Implementation

The Preston Abbey solutions are fully automated and feature a simple web interface ensuring quick and easy configuration and set-up. Once installed, they will operate continuously without user intervention.

The Preston Abbey solutions are designed to meet the needs of government and military agencies that rely on Secure Telephone Equipment (STE) and Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) to send and receive confidential or sensitive material. The Preston Abbey solutions allow the standard RS232 interface of Secure Telephone Equipment to seamlessly access the full features of the advanced software.

Designed with reliability in mind, the proprietary firmware is hardened against transmission errors or other communications problems and will optionally retry data that fails internal integrity checking. Preston Abbey solutions provide long term dependability for critical secure file handling requirements as well as an upgrade path for new features.

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