Preston Abbey has the leadership governments can rely on, consisting of experienced business professionals with proven success in developing reliable, mission-critical communications solutions that secure the connectivity and delivery of confidential and sensitive documents.

James E. Abbey

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Abbey’s illustrious career in software and systems architecture spans four decades. Abbey has designed mission critical communications solutions for in-theater military operations that are widely deployed today. Experienced in developing software to protect confidential data and sensitive information assets for leading government contractors such as Cryptek, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, he is a knowledgeable business leader and experienced programmer. Abbey formed Systems & Telecoms, a leading provider of Unix, VM and MVS software solutions including the globally deployed VMFax system, which was acquired by IBM.

See article in Government Security News (GSN), The Fax of the Matter, 2/6/18.

David P. Shaw


David Shaw has focused his 30-year career on designing computer software and hardware. He spent more than two decades as a senior engineer at Cryptek, specializing in embedded systems design and development of information security and secure communications solutions for governments and the military. A highly knowledgeable hands-on programmer and firmware engineer granted security clearance, Shaw is an expert in military standards and commercial ITU protocols, and experienced in domestic and international field installations and certification testing.

Maggie M. Saxman

Federal/Commercial Sales

Maggie Saxman has been working in sales for more than 30 years ago for companies such as Xerox, Ricoh, and Sharp to name a few. Her three decades of experience understanding clients’ needs in both the Public and Private Sectors locally and nationally has earned her an excellent reputation in business sales.

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